How to Potty Training Children with Special Needs

Having a special needs child is a special experience for many people and comes with different challenges too. They are a blessing, that lets us see life from a different point of view and different perspective, as well as teaching us true giving, patience and kindness as well.

Though every special needs child is different and what they need is different, they still need to be potty trained just the same as any child does. There are many questions people have about how to potty train a special needs child, since many times things do have to be done a little differently to accommodate what your child needs.

It can be hard to know how to teach them when maybe communication is different or movements are different as well. But, there is of course potty training sign language and other methods that work very well to potty train special needs children.

Keep in mind, a special needs child can be potty trained just as quickly as a child without special needs too. There is the method of potty training in one day that was specifically developed for special needs children in mind.

So there is no reason at all that you can not have your special needs child potty trained and have a wonderful time doing it as well. This is a very exciting time for you and your child as they grow and potty training should  be just as much of a milestone for your child to meet.

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