Urine Deflector

Urine Deflector
Urine Deflector
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I think it is safe to say that no one wants to buy a new potty chair just because of one missing piece!  Especially when all it is missing is a urine deflector that may not even be 1/10 of the potty chairĘs price! 
If you are in this bind, then this urine deflector is the perfect find!  Not only is it extremely cost efficient, but it is economical and much less time consuming than going through the hassle of finding, buying and shipping a whole new chair! 
NOTE: This Urine Deflector fits MOST, not ALL, potty chairs.

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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Brand Mom Innovations
Product Type Potty Accessories
Product Gender Male
Material Plastic
Room Bathroom
Department Home + Garden

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